MOCAMBO RECORDS limited edition 7” series

45-1040 :: Su Kramer

Weisser Sand b/w Sexsong

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Mocambo is proud to present the official 45 release of the holy grail of European rare grooves.
With arguably the funkiest vocal delivery in German language and its killer 60-second wahwah-ladden drumbreak, Su Kramer's "Weisser Sand" has gained legendary status among DJs and deep funk collectors.

Recorded for the pop-opera TRIP by Austrian television in Vienna in 1971, the song appeared in a dance-scene in the very musical-like TV film about a hippie guru. German label Telefunken released a promotional record of the soundtrack in very limited numbers for radio and TV stations only.
The song has since appeared on several bootlegs and compilations, using a mediocre recording off a vinyl copy and overcompressed CD mastering.

We dug a little deeper. After unsuccessful research of the original master tape at both Austrian TV archives and Telefunken, Su Kramer herself got us in touch with Peter Müller, sound supervisor and recording director of the original sessions. Not only could he give us interesting background information, he also unearthed an original tape that included an alternative version with different vocals and mix.
The musicians on the recording were, according to Peter Müller: Karl Ratzer, guitar, Richard Schönherz, keyboards, and most likely  Manuel Rigoni  on drums and George Dogette on bass. The horn section probably consisted of players from the ORF bigband. The music was written by Austrian jazz icon Fatty George, who was also in charge of the production. Silke Schwinger wrote the lyrics.

For this release, all songs were taken from best analogue source possible and carefully remastered by Michael Schütz to represent the sound of the original master in full dynamics on superior 45 format.
Included on this release is the original version of “Weisser Sand”, the never-heard-before alternative version, and the semi-instrumental “Sexsong”, from the TRIP soundtrack.

The 7inch-single release comes with a replique print of the original album artwork. The first copies are made in sand-white vinyl and handsigned by Su Kramer.

45-1039 :: Laura Seija & The Hawkmen

Keep On Working b/w Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Laura Seija & The Hawkmen are a hot new British rockabilly/R&B outfit, lead by Scott Milsom (known for his work with The Hawk, Coffin Nails, Big Boss Man) who deliver a fresh take on classic hot-rod'n'soul music. The song and its accompanying video, shot in a classy 1950's burlesque car-wash style have received praises from all over and been on featured on The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC. With a full-length and tour on the horizon, Mocambo Records is delighted to serve up the best cuts on vinyl.

45-1038 :: The Mighty Mocambos with Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk, Hektek & Deejay Snoop

It's The Music Part 1 b/w Part 2

The stunning collabo between the Mighty Mocambos and hiphop-legend Afrika Bambaataa goes into the 2nd round. For the joy of all b-girls and b-boys, the Godfather of Hip-Hop and today's best heavy funk band present their banging new anthem. 'It's The Music' brings the sound of early hiphop livebands into present time, with the Mocambos showcasing their skills on a discofied breakdance beat, only topped by the vocal authorities of the Amen-Ra Of Universal Hip-Hop Culture and fellow Zulu Nation members Charlie Funk (aka Afrika Islam), Hektek and Deejay Snoop, the latter providing a trademark talkbox feature. The flip side contains an exclusive instrumental ready to smash dancefloors on its own.

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Who You Do b/w Rollin'

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Armed with a voice "you just need to hear" (BBC London) and an irresistible blend of snaps, claps, and golden trumpet peals, Tara Priya combines vintage soul, poetic lyrics, and a dash of pop to provide relief from today's Auto-Tune avalanche. Sweet and sour, lovely and lovelorn, her story is as distinctive as her sound. "Sass'n'soul, little bitta Go-Go", says the San-Francisco-native about her music.

Things moved fast ever since Tara's first album on Japanese P-Vine Records was released in 2012 and made #2 on itunes charts. Tara moved to London recently and recorded new material with award-winning producer Steve Booker (responsible for Duffy's worldwide smash hit 'Mercy' and well-known for his work with John Newman, Lisa Marie Presley, Jamie Cullom, among others). "Who You Do" not only shows expertise in production that we haven't heard a while, the post-break-up song also gives way for Tara's distinctive voice and attitude. Both "Who You Do" and the second A-side "Rollin' (off her first album) now see their first, well-deserved limited edition vinyl release. The video for "Who You Do" has already passed the million mark on youtube, so get your copy quick. Ltd. edition.

"Fantastic, timeless" - City Beat

"The epitome of 'sassy' ... Tara was a hit down at this year's SWSW- and with tunes as good as this, there's no wonder. 'Who You Do' is one of the most empowered post-break up songs we've heard of late and we've not got it out of our heads. With over 800,000 hits racked up on YouTube it would seem we're not the only ones to dig it..." - Huffington Post

"Tara Priya rises above with this refreshing soulful sound. The music reflects the retro Motown sounds of the 60?s, while still being current and relative. Her powerful voice and catchy tunes will leave you wanting more." -

"Punchy, sass-laden retro soul" - Time Out Tokyo

"A voice you need to hear!" - BBC London

"Summer pop hit!" - Time Magazine

"While Tara has attracted much attention as a talent following in the footsteps of Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Duffy, she's an extremely catchy songwriter with a smoky voice--full of soul without being overly bright--that's all her own. Her debut release has an exquisite sweetness and is a mix of good 'ole vintage soul and modern pop" - MSN Entertainment (Japan)

"This lady has soul! Tara Priya describes this track as ‘retro’ – which kind of explains its familiar sound – yet it still holds its own as regards to being unique." - BBC 6Music

45-1036 :: Ephemerals

Call It What You Want b/w The Oligarch

Ephemerals are a London based soul team featuring an allstar cast of musicians, founded and lead by producer Hillman Mondegreen (formerly of Hannah Wailliams & the Tastemakers). They are fronted by NYC-born singer Wolfgang Valbrun. Within only a couple of days, they recorded a stunning selection of songs to analogue tape that many critics dubbed as 'the best contemporary soul production' this side of the atlantic. The A-side 'Call It What You Want' is built around Valbrun's sincere vocals and a sinister soul groove that sounds like a lost Wu-Tang sample, the flip side "The Oligarch" showcases the band, letting loose on an organ- and horn-driven instrumental.

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45-1035 :: The Brothers Nylon

You Got A Tiger?  b/w Does The Tiger Got You?

The Brothers Nylon is a transatlantic allstar project set out to make musical adventures. Mike and Nick Rufolo (from NY) collaborate with legendary producer Shawn Lee and Mighty Mocambos’ trombonist BGS (from LON) to create “cinematic type tuneage with the freedom to overdub whatever you want” – tracks were served up hot and fresh off the reel to reel, digitized, and sent across the pond. This tiger funk single features two edits of one musical suite, exclusive on this vinyl 45.

Michael Rufolo- drums, bongos, tambourine, vocals
Nick Rufolo – bass, guitars, Roland Juno 6 synthesizer, strings, melodica, sitar
Shawn Lee - Yamaha CS5 synthesizer, cabasa, quijada, metal mercussion, Suzuki Unisynth, mouth percussion, vocals, xylophone, glockenspiel, magic bull horn, marimba
BGS - trombones
Matt Boose - trumpet

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45-1034 :: The Great Revivers

Reaction Psychotique - Same Old Story  b/w Drunken Master - What A Day! - SOLD OUT!

Mocambo Records’ funk journey around the world continues - next stop is St. Petersburg, Russia. The Great Revivers deliver a sharp mod funk sound, created on authentic instruments from the days of the iron curtain such as the East-German-made Vermona organ. Their debut EP contains four groovy, library-inspired instrumentals with a rhythm aimed at the dancefloor - recorded the old school way with a modern and universal mindset. Limited edition featuring St. Petersburg skyline on label.

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45-1033 :: Caroline Lacaze & the Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra

L'Étrange  b/w instrumental - SOLD OUT!

Young French singer Caroline Lacaze - who debuted on the Mighty Mocambos’ album “The Future is Here” and became a regular feature on the subsequent tour throughout Europe - now steps further into the spotlight with an adventurous new 45 of her own. ‘L’Étrange’ effortlessly blends raw soul with captivating French vocals, heavy funk drums and a mystic psychedelic vibe. Features an extended instrumental on the flip side.

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45-1032 :: Gizelle Smith

Jonny - Part 1 b/w Jonny - Part 2 - SOLD OUT!

Gizelle Smith reveals a first sample of her newly recorded solo material. 'Jonny' showcases her unique voice and her eccentric songwriting style that make her one of the few relevant soul singers of today. The 45 is available for sale in very limited quantities as most of the edition is for DJ use only. Comes in authentic brown paper sleeve, with DJ-friendly vocal version and instrumental edit.

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45-1031 :: The Grits

Strychnine b/w (I'd Walk A) Funky Mile

The Grits have been busy for years playing their raw and greasy funk and releasing some of the dopest 45s on labels like Music With Soul, Freestyle & Tropicalia in Furs. Here they come with a new psychedelic /garage edge and some blue-eyed soul vocal delights. "Strychnine" is a funked-up cover of The Sonics' proto-punk tune that sounds as if the Meters would jam with Dusty Springfield. The flip side "Funky Mile" is a spaced out original and even further beyond all usual categories of funk music.

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45-1030 :: The Impellers

The Knock Knock b/w I Predict A Riot  - SOLD OUT!

Brighton-based 11-piece-funk-powerhouse The Impellers return with a hard-hitting double-sider. "The Knock Knock" is an authentic piece of heavy soul, spotlighting the gritty vocals of lead singer 'Lady' Clair Witcher, while the band busts loose on an instrumental take of the Kaiser Chiefs classic on the flip side, not available on any other format. A very apt 7inch to celebrate Mocambo Records' forty five #30.

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45-1029 :: The Divetones

Peter's Fun - Gizzard Boogie b/w Toxic - Are You Gonna Go My Way  - SOLD OUT!

The Divetones are a 5 piece instrumental band from London. They sound like heavy horn honking, guitar wailing surf and swinging striptease rhythm & blues from the 50s. This four track EP was recorded live, mixed in a day at Gizzard Studios Hackney and has received support from Mark Lamarr (Gods Jukebox BBC Radio 2), Craig Charles (Funk & Soul Show BBC Radio 6).

45-1028 :: The Mighty Mocambos with Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk & King Kamonzi

Zulu Walk b/w Zulu Walk Part 2 - SOLD OUT!

You would not have guessed this: The Mighty Mocambos team up with hip-hop legends Afrika Bambaataa and Charlie Funk for the heaviest collabo of 2011. Mocambo’s raw organic funk takes it “back to the roots where we started out” (as featured rapper King Kamonzi rightfully says) and along the way, leads funk into the future. The “Zulu Walk” shows the Mighty Mocambos as raw as they get and the Godfathers of Hip-Hop like you have never heard them before. Is this old school? Is this new school? It’s universal and it’s true. It’s the Mighty Mocambos and the mighty Zulu Nation together on one 45.
Flip side contains extended instrumental. Limited edition. Silver label and red sleeve.

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45-1027 :: Kind & Kinky Zoo

Party Chez Le Marquis b/w Kinky Regards - SOLD OUT!

The first single for this young Swiss group, and what a debut!  This retro-futuristic release is funky as hell, embodied and organic. Heavy grooves with a touch of psych/prog. Equipped with a monstrous organ, thunderous bass, spaced out flute and a drumsound that is worth every penny alone, K&KZ are now ready to destroy dancefloors worldwide.

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45-1026 :: The Mighty Mocambos

Calling The Shots Part 1 b/w Calling The Shots Part 2 - SOLD OUT!

A new dancefloor bomb from the Mighty Mocambos! Opening with a killer bongo/cowbell drumbreak and turning into a frantic & brass-heavy anthem, this 45 leaves no doubt about who is "calling the shots" in the game. The flip side features a DJ-friendly 4min mix of the drums and percussions only.

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45-1025 :: Paikan & the Sadhus / the Mighty Mocambos

Ananda The Great b/w Ballad Of The Bombay Sapphires SOLD OUT!

Sitar genius Paikan (from Toulouse, France) debuted with a superb EP on Jazzman records in 2008. On this exclusive Mocambo 45, he is backed on the first side by his group the Sadhus for a fiery slice of chasing sitar funk, while the flip side sees the Mighty Mocambos providing the background for a laid back and groovy piece of psychedelic soul in their trademark sound. Both tracks are highly recommended for rare groove afficionados that look for something unique in today's deep funk scenario.

45-1024 :: The Dark Knights Of Soul feat. The Haggis Horns

Fatso b/w Doing The Tick - SOLD OUT!

When not giving up the funk under their own name, the Haggis Horns' members lend their talent to the creme of UK Pop, such as Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams, Jamiroqui, Duran Duran, Corinne Bailey-Rae and Lily Allen, to name a few. Mark Ronson hired them for his UK tour, featured them in the Valerie video and calls them "the best f***ing horn section in the world". Enough of props and namedropping - here they play with an obscure Mancunian group, the Dark Knights Of Soul. Mocambo Records is pleased to offer these two joyful, downright funky and horn-heavy cuts exclusively to the dedicated vinyl 45 buyer.

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45-1023 :: Ikebe Shakedown

Up In The Trees b/w Afro Fred - SOLD OUT!

Brooklyn-based Afro-Funk juggernaut Ikebe Shakedown unleashes a fiery mix of sweaty Afro rhythms, deep funk, and gritty disco. These two tracks are taken from their debut EP. They were recorded at Dunham Studios in Brooklyn (Budos Band, Menahan Street Band) and have received a great response from press/radio (BBC6, WWOZ New Orleans). We are pleased to release these nuggets courtesy of Colemine Records (Ohio) on a limited edition 45 in beautiful silver and purple!

45-1022 :: The Jive Turkeys

JT Strut b/w Talkin' the Talk - SOLD OUT!

A wicked double sider from Ohio-based group the Jive Turkeys, courtesy of Colemine Records. After a few succesful 45s in the US, this is their first European release, taken from their debut album album "Bread & butter". Raw instrumental funk as we love it!

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45-1021 :: Mombasa University Band / N'Ghare Hi Power Band

Take One b/w Campus Rock SOLD OUT!

Two killer afro-funk tunes from the 1970’s on one 45. You’ve probably heard some funky rhythms coming from Ghana or Nigeria - this one hails from Kenya. There is an obvious influence of American funk and soul as both tunes were recorded during an intercultural student exchange in Mombasa. Limited to 250 copies! Only authentic with the brown paper bag and a stamp over label and sleeve.

45-1020 :: Gizelle Smith & the Mighty Mocambos

Snake Charmer  b/w Out Of Fashion - SOLD OUT!

After the hard-hitting "Working Woman" on Old Capital, Gizelle & Mocambo step up with a soulful double-sider on their own imprint. "Snake Charmer" is  a mysteriously beautiful piece of psychedelic-dance-party soul featuring tremolo guitar, electric sitar, organ, theremin and of course Ms. Smith's incredibly charming vocals. While many of today's soul bands sound just slightly dated, the "Golden Girl of Funk" and her sisters take the game one step further and go completely "Out Of Fashion" on the flipside with some gospel-tinged, down-home funk that sends you way back to an era when R&B was still Rhythm & Blues, not Rubbish & Bling.

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45-1019 :: James Taylor Quartet

Mission Boulevard b/w Part 2 (Drums) - SOLD OUT!

Another chasing blaxploitation theme from JTQ. Speedy bongos, urgent horns and the awesome Hammond work of the maestro make up this action flic 45. From the unreleased masterpiece library album "The Hustle". On the flip side, you'll find the complete drums & percussions underscore for full breakbeat pleasure. Each one handstamped on the flip!

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45-1018 :: Soul Sugar

Ritual Part 1 b/w Ritual Part 2 SOLD OUT!

Paris-based band Soul Sugar celebrate their first 45 release with a blazing rendition of the Nico Gomez classic. A Moog theme and the tasty Hammond Organ work of Guillaume Métenier lead through Part 1 and the flip side gives way for the band's drum section with a massive 4min breaks galore, spotlighting bongos & timbales. Que fuerte!

45-1017 :: The Sound Stylistics

Heavy Soul b/w Move It Up ACETATE ONLY

The two remaining cuts we had licenced from the legendary Bruton Deep funk album. The labels were already manufactured, but Freestyle Records had by then re-issued the album, so we only made a handful of acetates to decorate our wall and the website.

45-1016 :: The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

PIMP Part 1 b/w Version Part 2 - SOLD OUT!

The original issue with the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band covering 50 Cent's smash hit has often been mistaken as the original sample.
Each one is hand-stamped on the flip side!!!

A collector's item by now, sold out for ages, last private copies for sale here!

45-1015 :: Glover / Crockett / Glover

Glorious Day b/w Easing Back SOLD OUT!

Sweet sweet summertime soul instrumentals! Gary Crockett and Jay & Dominic Glover are the driving force behind the Sound Stylistics and the ominous Delta Rhythm Section. Here are two wonderful heart warming cuts they recorded with a similar bunch of all star musicians for a Chappell library CD called "Retro Keys". Both sides are only commercially available on this very Mocambo 45.

45-1014 :: The Delta Rhythm Section

Nassau Strut b/w King Midnite SOLD OUT!

The Delta Rhythm Section returns with a heavy disco-funk tune. Disco? Yeah, you've heard it right! But beware: this is not your average dance classic cheese. This is a deep clavinet-led groove with brass & moog synth building to a trombone solo reminiscent of Fred Wesley & the Horny Horns, really authentic sounding and a great one for the floor!
While 'Nassau Strut' is more a spaced-out disco tune, the flip, 'King Midnite' is an epic masterpiece, featuring a Stevie Wonder-esque harmonica over huge brass and string action as well as big, big drums!

45-1013 :: Speedometer

Nuyorica Fiesta b/w Hot Packet SOLD OUT!

Another superb 45 with timeless Speedometer material. As the title suggests, "Nuyorica Fiesta" is a heavy Latin Funk groover, while the flip side is a typical Speedometer deep funk monster.

45-1012 :: The Sound Stylistics

The Message b/w Freedom Sound TESTPRESSING ONLY

Two more killer tracks off the Bruton Library album "Deep Funk". By the time we had the labels and stampers ready, Freestyle re-released the entire album after the success of the first Mocambo 45s. Hence, we only made around 20 testpressings.

45-1011 :: Glover, Crockett & Glover feat. Jim Watson / Mocambo Allstars

Listen Up b/w Free Vibes SOLD OUT!

Gary Crockett, Jay & Dominic Glover take a break from the Delta Rhythm Section and bring us another wonderful song that spotlights vintage keys. Jim Watson’s Clavinet solo is probably one of the funkiest ever recorded and the soulful Hammond-and-horn-loaded chorus just starts where “Funkin’ Fever” has ended. The Mocambo Allstars return with a cookin’ jam that has been recorded on 8-track tape at the beginning of 2007. The JB-esque “Free Vibes” pays hommage to the Godfather all while organist Jan Wurtl is pushing our cheap Italian Leslie speaker beyond its limits with a screaming B3-solo. The tune also welcomes Flute wizard Danny Kimaz aboard a Mocambo record for the first time.

45-1010 :: Speedometer

Do Watcha Like b/w Ode to the Groove SOLD OUT!

When it comes to authentic ghetto funk sound, Speedometer range among the scene’s best groups. The UK outfit has worked with many US legends as Sir Joe Quarterman, Eddie Bo, Marva Whitney, Robert Moore and Sharon Jones. The two uptempo deep funk numbers on this 45 have been favs of their live shows for a long time, and - to quote composer Leigh Gracie -  “some DJ's even got acetates pressed of this track to play at clubs”. Now they are on vinyl to be played whereever you want to “do watcha like”.

DJ COPY :: The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

Look-Ka Py Py b/w Ease Back SOLD OUT!

There are lots of Steel Funk recordings by huge orchestras from Trinidad and other Caribbean islands.  The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band instead combines an incredibly funky guitar-bass-drums-percussion rhythm section with a small line of pans (or steel drums). The 45 opens with a killer breakbeat that leads into an awesome rendition of the Meters standard (the title track of their second Josie album) with the themes being played in the street carnival sound of the West Indies, to “ease back” just a little on the flip side.
But where is the island of Bacao? What kind of mystery band is this? You work it out!

Both sides were remixed by Hawkeye and re-released on MPM 7".

45-1008 :: James Taylor Quartet

Highway Patrol b/w Walkin’ the Walk SOLD OUT!

British organ genius James Taylor recorded a library album for Bruton in 2004. Though highly requested by fans to be released commercially, “The Hustle” has not yet been permitted for such a purpose by its publisher. We finally got the rights to release the brilliant tunes as part of our strictly limited vinyl series. Listen to both sides and you know  why we did: both sides are blaxploitation-blockparty-bongo-breaks at their very best.

45-1007 :: Ian Langley / Gianpiero & Gianfranco Reverberi

Chicano Chaser b/w Last Man Standing SOLD OUT!

 Originally cut for the Bruton library in 1973, Ian Langley’s take on car chase funk opens with a phat drum/wah-beat and builds into a furious Latin Funk jam. While it has often been sampled and bootlegged, “Chicano Chaser” now gets its first official release on vinyl.
“Last Man Standing” dates back to 1968.  A variation of “Only The Brave” Italo Western theme from the old RCA Film Archives, it was made available for library purpose by BMG Ricordi and Atmosphere Music Ltd. on a production music CD called “Spaghetti Western” in 1999. Gnarls Barkley licenced it for their massive 2006 No.1 UK single  “Crazy”, giving Atmosphere a big share of the copyrights. This 45 brings the original, now legally available on your favourite format. Just add a simple drumloop and you can go crazy yourself.

45-1006 :: Delta Rhythm Section / Sound Stylistics

The Getaway b/w Back on the Streets SOLD OUT!

After bringing us a 45 each, The Delta Rhythm Section and The Sound Stylistics now go head to head and back to back on Mocambo 7" number six. The Delta boys drop a furious cinematic car-chase slice of horn'n'Hammond funk that'll get the dancefloor in a frenzy. On the flip the Hammond and funky guitar licks take centre stage on the mid-tempo "Back On The Streets". Superb stuff.


45-1005 :: Glover, Crockett & Glover feat. Jim Watson / Mocambo Allstars

The Prophet b/w Swamp Strut SOLD OUT!

Fifth in the Mocambo series of unreleased funk gems. Jim Watson supplies the clavinet for “The Prophet” while the Mocambo All Stars give us “Swamp Strut” on the flip, two killer instrumental funk jams.

45-1004 :: Mocambo Allstars

Brampton Boogaloo b/w Wind Rose SOLD OUT!

Two tracks taken from the "Chameleon Funk Sessions" by the Mocambo Allstars, recorded at the Windrose studios in Hamburg, produced by Carsten Bohn. Brampton Boogaloo and Wind Rose both bring jazzy keyboard solos to the party. Proper dancefloor Latin-funk instrumentals.

45-1003 :: Sound Stylistics

Party People b/w Put It In The Pocket  SOLD OUT!

Third in the Mocambo series of mega rare library funk instrumental seven inches. This time the Sound Stylistics step up, with a heavyweight horn section providing the rocket to the dancefloor on the A side, while the flip is a little more relaxed, but still very horny, more soulful funk.
Originally cut for the Bruton Sound Library only, with no commercial release planned, The Sound Stylistics (made up from members of James Taylor Quartet, New Mastersounds, Brand New Heavies, The Herbaliser, Incognito and percussionist Mark 'Snowboy' Cotgrove!) tracks now get a full release via Mocambo. If it's deep funk you're after, then this is what you need!

45-1002 :: Delta Rhythm Section

Funkin Fever b/w Whiplash SOLD OUT!

First up are The Delta Rhythm Section and their uplifting horn filled "Funkin' Fever", which is flipped with the Hammond-fronted "Whiplash". Solid dancefloor jazzy funk sounds from the Glover / Crockett / Glover library. Both “Funkin’ Fever” and “Whiplash” cause an instant rush to the floor and many ahead to nod. Whiplash will indeed be caused by prolonged exposure to this deep funk treasure trove.

45-1001 Mocambo Allstars

Fahrvergnügen b/ w Riff der Haie Hamburg Beach Surf SOLD OUT!

Limited 50 pieces collector’s edition picture sleeve – blue vinyl


45-1001 Mocambo Allstars

Fahrvergnügen b/ w Riff der Haie / Hamburg Beach Surf SOLD OUT!

The obscure white label release that blends funk with jazzrock-parody, hiphop beats and surf sound.

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